Sexy Minx

By | May 8, 2008

It’s not uncommon for women, even in 2008, to find they hit a glass ceiling when it comes to career progression. Whether this is due to conscious discrimination or in-built cultural or traditional thought processes it means that half of the population is disadvantaged and the whole of the country suffers because a huge section of its workforce is under utilised.

I can’t help wondering if the perpetrators of this sort of discrimination are so threatened by the thought of a woman working along side, and therefore competing with them, that they fear it would emasculate them. After all disregarding rivalries deriving from other disputes and general competitiveness, a woman would not discriminate against another woman, so I’m talking about men here.

I know some men like to feel emasculated, it’s how they express at least part of their sexuality. However rather than embrace the power of a dominant woman the vast majority of men want to be seen as top dog. They see themselves as the Master, the top, the dominant.

Sexually I can see them wanting to “tame” a woman with as much or more power as themselves, break them to their will, “show them who’s boss”. That works for me in some circumstances, but I want to see the person that is the woman. The idea of taming someone, taking them from errant, wild creature to subjugated, compliant companion has something missing. And let’s face it, what’s the point in having a feisty partner if you’re simply intent on changing them and making them subservient to your will? Doing so looses the thing that attracted you to them in the first place.

So, there’s the powerful, professional woman, a turn-on for lots of men. How about that group of females referred to as “minxes”. If that means impish and fun-loving, with a sense of humour and deliciously naughty then bring it on. If it means she’s a bitch because she enjoys provoking a reaction then I’ll show her the door.

I like feisty women, they can a handful, but well worth the effort, if you know what I mean. The tension that a little unpredictability brings to a relationships is the key to keeping the passion alive.