Tom, Dick & Cock

By | May 9, 2008

Chatting with the girls at work today set me thinking. What was it I used to call my pussy when I was a kid? And do you know I can’t for the life of me remember. I bet if I were to read the word then memories of using it would come flooding back. But I’m flummoxed, foxed, annoyed that I can’t remember!

Was it privates? I’m not sure it could have been, that’s how innocent I was back then. Lol

Horny prompted this post by informing us that she once went out with a guy who had a pet name for the key areas of his body. She started to tell us some of them and the bloody phone rang as it has a tendency to do when we get started on something naughty.

When she hung up she picked up the conversation by adding that she didn’t like the word cock but preferred dick. She thought the work was crude and dirty sounding. Busty and I laughed.

Busty said that she couldn’t stand the c word.

“Clit”, I added to keep things bubbling.
“No, the other word…C U Next Tuesday”.

Horny and I burst out in to loud laughter and had great difficult stopping. We just managed to get it under control as the boss walked in. Try explaining that one to your superior. 🙂

I asked Alex what his pet name was for his cock. Sorry Horny! Lol He couldn’t remember either. When I was younger the terminology for boys was usually Willie and I got shown quite a few under the table. Did they know what I was like back then. It could have had something to do with the fact that I was always the one to suggest we play “Kiss-Catch”. Back then I was a very fast runner. Lol

When I checked out the web I couldn’t find any good sites relating to pet names for genitalia but I did find this rather unusual clip on YouTube.

Can you remember names you gave your intimate body parts when you were younger?