Stroking Breasts

By | May 9, 2008

I’m not sure if it is an optical illusion or just me but Busty seems to be getting…well, bustier since she started going to gym and swimming. I noticed today that the navy cross over top she was wearing was fighting to retain her ample bosom.

So much so that she had to use a safety pin to keep the whole thing together so she didn’t burst out. 😉 I notice these things sitting within such close proximity all day and I must say I’m not complaining about the view at all.

I even told her that the exercise seems to be doing her good. She smiled at me but had no idea why I said it. Lol Is more than a handful wasteful! Uhm, I don’t know. If I get the chance to find out I will let you all know.

She has made chance remarks lately as a result of her turbulent relationships with the shithead guys who she seems to fall for that it would be easier if she turned lesbian. I openly agreed with her. You didn’t think I would turn down an opportunity like that did you.

At lunchtime she went shopping to the mall and brought back a new bra and pantie set. I’m sure she does it to tease! The size of the bra was huge, so big in fact that she commented that the cup size fitted her head and proceeded to wear one side as a hat. And it fitted. I should have stepped in to find out just what size she is, I was slow there.

My swimming is going well I’m trying to get to the swimming pool three times a week after work if I can. So, I’ll be monitoring my own breasts to see if they gain inches. Alex will have to help me of course. 😉

We tried a different night this week and it had its rewards. The guy sat up on the step ladders by the pool was quit a hunk. Perhaps a little young for me but I can be persuaded to instruct him if he likes. Lol

The only other event was being chatted up by an old chap who didn’t realise that I was accompanied. He was very nice but I don’t think he would have been able to keep up with me. Lol

Right, I’ll see you all in the deep end!