Get Your Big Titties Here

By | January 13, 2011

Never having had a boob job I don’t know what makes a girl decide what size she wants to go up to.  I assume that the surgeon would normally advise which size would look the most natural on your frame but having seen some I’m not sure if they would.  Lol

I suppose if it’s your first the only way you can guesstimate is to look at moving up a size or maybe two and one thing is for sure you will be embarking on tweaking surgery for the rest of your life as they sag and you either opt to have the extra skin removed or go up a size.

One thing you don’t have a clue about is just how heavy they will be and if they could affect your posture, potentially causing back aches.  You see there is a lot more to this enhancement than you would initially think.

But in an attempt to help you decide which size fits you best you can now test drive them, try “before you buy”.  A new system named Biodynamics Breast Analysis which uses implants called Natrelle allows you to try a range of sizes from A to F cup.  They are worn inside a special vest, giving you a chance to experience your chosen style.

They are also provided in a range of 500 styles, so you can choose the shape, size and feel.  How good is that!  Taking the guess work out of your first boob job.