Orgasms At The Gym

By | January 13, 2011

Wet At GymI’ve mentioned this before but I would like to offer a big thank you to whoever invented the Power Plate.  How it works still eludes me.  I think it vibrates and you try to offer resistance in some way.  Perhaps someone could offer me an explanation.

For all intents and purposes it appears to be a vibrating plate which sits on the floor on which you offer various parts of your body.  Vibrations white…comes to mind.  Lol  Not sure if it’s a good thing vibrating joints and teeth.

But what it does do is work its way across the concrete and steel upper floor of the gym and up in to the base bar of my rowing machine.  Then up in to my hard plastic seat adding a whole new experience to my rowing.

I can now row and receive clit massage if I lean over.   All gyms should be made this way…