Hot Weekend With Porn

By | May 9, 2008

The weather in the UK has taken a turn for the better as we bask in temperatures reaching as high as 28 degrees. It’s a sign that Alex and I took a small break a couple of weeks ago. Lol

It’s been too warm to dress formally at work and we have all resorted to wearing t-shirts and skirts in our office this week. And I must say it has been pleasurable to watch Busty turning up in thinner and skimpier tops as the days have gone by. She is one well stacked lady. *drool*

I was a little naughty today and decided not to bother with the panties. I’m not in to big panties…I usually wear a thong especially if it is hot. This week it has been too hot to wear one of those, by the end of the day it has slipped so far up my crack that it is like a cheese wire.

It did mean that I had to be careful when climbing the internal open tread staircase but I think I got away with it and I felt so much fresher and dirty at the same time. 😉

Then I got back home this evening to discover that our porn TV has been activated so that we can review a exciting new site. And of course it will be a real chore having to tune in and watch porn all day…

See you all later if I can drag myself away. “Did you just mention lesbian action Alex!”