Nailed, Or Is It Pricked?

By | January 14, 2011

Corset piercing is quite outisde my experience. I have no piercings myself and no inclination to change that state of affairs.

Makes you think doesn’t it. What are you prepared to do for the sake of appearances? I don’t mean that in a derisory way at all. People who have such piercings obviously have their reasons, be they aesthetic, sensory, sensual, sexual or a mixture of all those. If you can stand, or even like, the pain/discomfort of having the piercings I suppose it’s no different than spending hours in the hair stylists chair, having your nails manicured, putting on make-up or giving yourself blisters searching around the shops for “those shoes”.

All of these things make a statement, and that can be a sexual statement, or at least a provocative statement. Is it to attract a mate, or to assert your authority in your job? Is it to make a sexual statement at work to attract a colleague or to influence them?

Personally I can’t say that I’ve ever consciously dressed to kill for work. I usually wear a suit, the nature of my job dictates that, and on dress-down days I tend to avoid the highly fashionable and opt for comfortable. I’m also a bloke so I tend not to go for nail varnish and false lashes, on me at least LOL.

Outside work is a different matter. When on the prowl in my youth I did make the effort, long hair black jeans, boots … yes, rocker. Strangely enough the longest and only true love of my life, Suze met and fell in lust with me during a dry spell, where I’d decided to give up trying for a bit. Perhaps I’d got too desperate (and it probably showed), deciding to take it easy on the “pulling” front perhaps made me more attractive to Suze.

I don’t feel the need to dress, to impress any more. Maybe that’s something I ought to change. For example Suze likes to see me in a suit, she’s always liked that. She even likes me to make love to her whilst wearing a suit. I have a special suit for the task :).

Hmm. I’ll have to make the effort and dress up a little more for her I think. Any ideas?