Kinky Ladies Everywhere

By | January 16, 2011

Rhian SugdenLingerie is one of those things that comes to mind when people think of what to buy their partner on Valentines day. It’s personal, sexy and occasionally kinky. What better way to express your love and lust for someone.

Sadly men are notoriously bad at choosing the right underwear. Either they get the wrong size, or their partner thinks it’s too slutty. Each woman has her own style, look and therefore her own taste and style of underwear that suits her. Just because the young, Photoshopped model in the advert looks good in it doesn’t mean your gf will want that g-string up her arse crack.

Getting the right underwear can spice up a relationship but getting the wrong underwear can cause untold friction. If any guys want advice I’d suggest classy not trashy.

Unless of course she’s an utter kinky bitch then the choice is yours …