Pornstar Bree Olson Exposes Herself

By | January 16, 2011

Bree OlsonI’ve just been reading that celebrity Charlie Sheen has a bit of a thing for Bree and flew to see her in her home town of Indiana shortly after Christmas.

He’s also attended the AVN Expo in Vegas where he has spent time in her company and others.  Reports say his hotel room was like a revolving door for starlets making an appearance at the show.  It seems Charlie has a bit of an eye for the ladies.

It’s a source of amusement every time I think about the AVN show because right over the road from it is the technology show.  Now how many guys would have been saying goodbye to their wives for the show and popping over the road in the evenings.  Lol  Even better, how many companies will have sent their employees to attend it and ended up spending more time at the other much naughtier show.

I’m going to get saving so I can be part of the action.  😉