The Cock Whore Cometh

By | January 16, 2011

FellatioSuze and I are very lucky. We’ve had some hard times while we’ve been together but despite some quite monumental knocks over the years we’ve done reasonably OK for ourselves. I mean there are people who have worked their entire lives and not got what we have. Yes we have virtually no spare cash but we do have a nice house, bigger than your average house and in a lovely area. Why do I mention that? Well it’s a nice house to live in. It’s light and airy, even in winter and coming home to a pleasant home to be with someone you love at the end of the day is priceless.

Suze as regular readers will have gathered enjoys sex. I found that out to my great delight soon after I met her. She didn’t give herself to me on the first date however, no that took a little time. Despite Suze having an incredibly powerful libido she wanted to be sure I was the right partner for her. When she was sure there was no stopping her. That is I suppose why we have such drive in developing this and other sites like Sex Toys Buzz. We have passion for our work, passion for passion you might say.

Anyway, regular sex is great, something that can often go missing from a relationship and we count ourselves blessed that we have retained that aspect of our life together rover the years. What’s even better is the unexpected little sexual interludes … and the not so little ones.

Take the other night.

As I mentioned above our house is quite spacious for a pretty standard semi-detached, that includes the landing. We don’t have to squeeze past each other, except the other night Suze did make a point of doing so and as she did so she pulled open my towelling robe. I had been out of the shower about half an hour and hadn’t bothered to dress, just get on with writing some more smut for you all.

I thought she was going to enjoy a little skin to skin cuddle because she let her robe open too but instead with her boobs proudly on display she dropped straight to her knees and took me in her mouth. Sucking and licking me had the obvious and immediate effect of attracting blood straight to my cock and with a stiffening penis in her mouth Suze began to pince her own nipples which were of course out of my reach. I leant back against the wall and enjoyed the surprise BJ.

Suze then started to ram her head forward forcing my cock down her throat. I do this some times but I’m conscious that despite her best and concerted efforts I’m too big for her to fully deep throat me. Every so often she would “come up for air” because she was forcing me as deep as she could, unable to breath with her throat filled with cock.

Understandable excited by this surprise sexual onslaught I coaxed Suze from by erection and guided her towards the bedroom but never made it. She dropped to all fours and tugged me down by my cock towards her where I knelt in front of her and fucked her mouth for several minutes. She then pushed me down and laying on the landing carpet Suze began to suck my balls and lick my shaft. Up and down her tongue travelled, teeth nibbling, mouth sucking. She parted my legs to gain access to my perineum, lapping and kissing the soft skin there before traversing up again to suck the tip of my cock.

Both her hands encircled my cock one above the other and with expert twists and flicks brought me to the point of orgasmic explosion. “I’m going to cum!” I warned.

“Do you want to cum in my cunt?” Suze rarely uses the “C” word and when she does it’s almost shocking because of that.

She turned around and presented a pair of wet labia, the gateway to her hot, wet pussy. Above was her ass, inviting but unprepared and despite thoughts of nipping off to the bedroom to grab some anal lube I knew it might break the palpable sexual frenzy that had built up. I pressed my cock against her threshold and pushed inside. She was wet but swollen, slick and firm around me.

I grabbed her waist, feeling the carpet on my knees and the cool air around my body. Thrusts turned to frantic pumping and knowing that Suze would cum as soon as she felt me pulse inside her I let myself reach an orgasmic peak in less than a minute.

We slumped forward in a pile of arms and legs the heat of our love making and our robes keeping us warm for a while until Suze asked. “Your cock’s not dribbling on the carpet is it?”

She’s so practical, and she was right.