By | January 17, 2011

Clit-gasmedG-spot orgasms are knee tremblingly good but the ones I can achieve playing with my clitoris rip through me like a bolt of lightening.  First it starts off in my toes and fingers and then it works its way around my pelvic girdle and up my spine.

The ensuing orgasm sees me twitch and spasm whilst my body flushes with blood and I produce small beads of sweat on my flesh.  If you’ve never experienced the intensity of a clitoral orgasm you ought to give it a try.

My first orgasms were brought about manually by gently pressing down on my clit hood with my moistened finger and moving it from side to side.  It took I could bring myself off after about 5 minutes of manipulation, sometimes it took longer depending on my mood.

Nowadays I tend to grab a clit vibe, it’s easier, more intense and quicker.  I’ve just reviewed the Jimmy Jane Iconic Pocket Rocket over here.  This vibe is ideal for focusing on the clitoris.

Here’s to some great clitoral orgasms!