Big Hard And Fucked

By | January 17, 2011

J PornI checked back and it turns out that about a year ago I had a bit of hard drive trouble. Interesting because last weekend I had to replace the HDD in my PC … so the bloody thing was just in guarantee when it failed. Makes you suspicious doesn’t it. LOL

Corporate conspiracies aside I can only put the short lifespan of what should have been a very robust disk to the amount of hammer it gets. I tend to back up all our sites regularly, which has been a boon when we have had server issues and I’ve had to move sites to our backup servers and when I’ve made the occasional cock up when I’ve made the changes to the sites.

I’d rather wear out a HDD on my PC than risk losing a site through lack of backups.

Anyway, all shiny and new now so my rather elderly PC is kept going a little longer. Pity in one respect because it’s getting a bit slow and I really do fancy Windows 7, Suze has got it why can’t I have it!

Sulk. :p