More Sex More Chocolate!

By | May 11, 2008

I’m not a chocolate fan. I can take it or leave it. Given a choice I would prefer a well stocked cheese board and biscuits. My palate tends more towards the savoury these days, although as a child I loved the stuff.

The advertisements for chocolate over the years here in UK have tended towards the female fellating a chocolate bar or reclining back and having a near orgasm experience whilst devouring that dark, sweet indulgence.

For example the Cadburys Flake advert has been running for the last 40 years featuring many beautiful and provocative women on the way. Until recently the advertising campaign had disappeared but I believe they are bringing it back with the lovely Joss Stone and much to her mum’s relief they will not be as revealing as the previous ones.

One of my favourites from the campaign…no, correction, two of my favourites from the advertising campaign are the girl in the bath (above)

And this one with the hot, semi-naked blonde girl sitting on the window sill.

Now who could refuse to give either of those girls a chocolate bar. And would personally offer to collect up all the shards of chocoate with my tongue. 😉

But now there is a whole new advertising campaign, this time to attract female attention. It’s the advent of the “Aero Hunk”. Oh, how times have changed! Jason (OH, MY GOD!) Lewis is the new face of Aero and he melts me every time he appears on television.

He only has to say “37 deg celsius otherwise know as body temperature…when chocolate reaches this magic number, it starts to melt, uncontrollably…when the little bubbles in new Aero Bubbles dissolve the chocolate melts even faster in your mouth…and that ladies makes the pleasure even more intense” and I can feel the moisture start to build between my legs.

This guy is a visual orgasm. Is there any such thing? Anyway he does it for me.

I may take up chocolate if it perpetuates this kind of advertising. 😉

If you haven’t seen him check the video out here:

And then check out this spoof video made by Ryan Martin. Lol

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