Sex On Sirius

By | January 18, 2011

Claudia BlackSex with aliens is a nice idea isn’t it. They would be the ultimate in exotic partners, so if that’s what you’re into it would be great.

It is however laughable. Despite what Sci-Fi would have you believe whoever is out there would be incompatible on every level. Even if the language barriers could be resolved and you were able to communicate with your new partner in that peculiar ultrasound dialect from the planet Zogg there are social, cultural and plain practical issues around the compatibility of your reproductive organs.

That’s without any problems that you might encounter trying to get naked with a methane breathing amphibian and avoid either of you asphyxiating.

As with so many fantasies if you do have a thing for off-world girls you’ll have to imagine they are all humanoid, have compatible concepts of morality and wont bite your head off when you’ve screwed them. Then of course there’s the question about who the children would most resemble after your very different DNA had combined.

With that in mind – Who’s your favourite sci-fi alien? Or perhaps more accurately, who’d you like to play hide the photon torpedo with?

I’m going for Claudia Black’s character “Aeryn” in Farscape.