Web Cam Babe With Attitude

By | January 19, 2011

Horny Webcam GirlThe room was almost dark. The mood lighting was turned as low as it would go, the rest of the illumination was provided by the screen of the laptop.

Marco was hunched over the keyboard, the normally glowing health of the skin of his face transformed into a pale blue-white death mask by the light from the LCD. He was sitting in a hotel suite at the writing desk. His fingers rapped his user name and password into the site’s login page.

Which of our girls would you like to play with today Starman?

The mouse pointer hovered above “Latin Beauties” before being drawn to “Barely Legal Teens”. Click.

New today ! “Clara”. Click.

A face appeared in a window. Too close to the webcam, out of focus. The image smeared and pixelated until its owner, a youthful platinum blonde in a pink bikini, settled on the bed a few feet from the camera.

“Hi …”, she peered at the monitor of her PC, ” … Starman. How are you today?”


“Oh good, cos Clara’s horny too”. She raised a finger to her lip and pouted, her mouth opened slightly. She gave him her best doe-eyed stare. “What shall I do today Starman?”.

Take off your bikini.

Clara knelt on the bed and reached round to her back to remove the bikini. The straps loosened as the clasp was released. She shrugged the garment forward, letting it slide over her arms and onto the bed.


“Of course”, smiled Clara. She grasped her breasts and kneeded them. Leaning towards the camera as if to proffer them to her audience she tweaked the nipples. “Ooooh, that feels so good.”

Take off the rest of the bikini.

She rolled onto her back and lifted her legs. Fingers hooked into the sides of her bikini and slid it down and over her feet. Then, she sent it flying towards the webcam with a flick of her wrist.

Play with yourself.

She rolled onto her side, one hand on her breast the other delving towards her slit. Clara kept her legs together and pushed her middle finger across her clitoris. “Ah, ah yes”.

Marco watched her for a few moments, stroking his erect cock. He licked his lips rapaciously consuming the jerky image on his screen. His breathing was quick and uneven, pupils wide.

He unsteadily typed with his free hand


Clara reached on to the bedside table to pick up a nine inch monster. She played it along her lips the massive plastic glans dwarfing her petite mouth. He tongue flicked around the member leaving it glistening with her saliva. She dragged it down her body, between her breasts and across her mons.

Push it in

She did, slowly, parting her labia, spreading her legs to accommodate the outsize cock. “Mmmmmh!” she murmered, “Ooooh”.

Marco watched the whole nine inches disappear inside her.

Fuck yourself

Marco’s hand worked his cock. He spat on the end while his frantic fist pumped. But he needed more.

Pull it out

Good girl

Now, up your ass

“I’m sorry Starman I don’t do that”, purred Clara, “Would you like to see how wet you’ve made me?”

Fuck yourself up the ass!

Clara’s tone changed from a purr to matter-of-fact, with teeth. “I’m sorry “Starman” but our terms and conditions state that it is at the performer’s discretion which acts we will or will not perform. ” She looked straight at the camera, “And I’m not putting that up my ass.”

Listen you bitch don’t you know who I am?

“Of course I do …”, said kitten Clara softly.

In that case do as you’re told or I’ll have you fired!

” … you’re Starman, account number K6709-1. And if you don’t drop the attitude I’ll have your subscription terminated.” Her piercing eyes were feline slits.

You fucking bitch, I’ll …

… * Session terminated by host * …

Marco swept the laptop across the desk. It landed on the floor with a thud and ominous cracking sound. He picked up the phone and dialled room service.

“I need some company.”

“Com-pan-ee. Yes that’s right, around twenty, brunette … hmm and make sure she doesn’t have an attitude problem.”