Kissing The Teacher

By | May 12, 2008

Back in my high school days I hated sport. Not that I was lazy but because of my height I was always given the defending role in netball, which could have appealed to me but I was too busy having to play with my back to the net.

Hockey was pure mindless danger. Those girls were vicious, there are no other word to describe it, the ones who were on the school team and really in to it were like psychos. Lol My friend and I would stand around chatting on the sideline and end up being shouted at some point in the match but it was like water off a duck’s back.

Added to this was the terrible cold Winter days that we would have to venture out and participate in sport because it was good for us. Oh yes, freezing your tits off in short navy pleated skirt and a white sports top is extremely good for your health.

The only good thing about physical education lessons was the parading that you could do round the outside of the school to get to the sports area. I would take great delight in walking slowly past the upper classes windows and showing a little navy panty to whoever may be looking.

And they did!

Then sometimes but only sometimes, we would be able to see the boys playing sport if their lesson was taken at the same time. Never was much in to the footballers but the rugby players, they were something else. Both sports were encouraged at my school and the girls were so glad, there were some real hunks in the school rugby team and it was headed up by one of the hottest teachers in the school.

He just happened to be my form teacher for the last two years of my time there too. School became a whole lot more fun from then on in. 😉

I recall our class taking a trip to Stratford and doing the Shakespeare thing, we were reading Macbeth at the time. The day was great and Mr…Urm, lets call him Mr X was a great tour guide he was also my English teacher hence me being there.

We had a great day and on the way back the mini bus we had all squeezed in to was overflowing and I could not comfortably fit in it. Mr X realising we were all a little crammed in asked if I wanted to go back with him in his car.

When he asked my heart skipped a beat and I could feel the eyes of the other girls in the class burning in to my soul. 😉 I felt great, not often you get one over on some of the most hated girls in the school.

All the way back he was chatting to me and asking me to select music to play on his stereo. It was like a dream come true. A wet one. I kept sneaking looks at him as he drove the car. I’m trying to think just how old he would have been, I’m guessing about 25 and I liked mature guys. 😉

We took a toilet and refreshment break on the way back and I remember this as plain as day. I got out of the car and walked around the side bag in hand. The mini bus hadn’t yet arrived, we were early. As I met up with him at the other side my bag slipped of my shoulder and on to the floor.

As I bent down to pick it up so did he and our eyes met for a moment. And you know that feeling when you are close to kissing someone, your lips come a little closer and then…and then you look away. Well, I did that and I rose to my feet.

But to this day I still think about that moment. Would he have taken the chance of kissing a pupil of his or would it have been too risky. Whatever the outcome would have been I like to consider the situation every now and then.

Perhaps he is reading this post now. 😉