Inflatable Fucking

By | May 12, 2008

Last night it was so hot that we had to take the pedestal fan to bed with us. It’s nice not to worry about bedsheets when the weather is good but it makes you hotter than hot when you start fucking.

We watched part of one of our porn TV videos and were soon ready for some action. Alex was standing to attention and my pussy was moist and ready for penetration. The girl had just changed from being fucked missionary to having her ass banged and unlike some pornstars she had a lovely tight one.

Every time he withdrew from her you could see the anus gripping his hard cock as it pulled out. And even more refreshing for porn, the girl actually had some hips and ass not the usual stick thin girl with very little definition below due to lack of body fat.

Watching him pump in and out of her tight little ass made me want it so badly. I reached over the side of the bed and pulled the Position Master up on to the mattress and lay face down over it. This position was ideal because I could continue to watch the video with my ass raised in the air.

Alex raised to his knees behind me and ran his wet fingers along my pouting lips. There was no need for lube, Suze was well ready. My pussy was pulsing by now with anticipation of the hammering I was going to get. No foreplay, no teasing, just one good hard fuck.

I felt my lips part as Alex’s cock pushed through my vaginal opening and deep inside me. That girl was getting it good and hard now and her tits were jiggling about on her chest as he rammed her. My excitement was taking me over and I pushed back against Alex’s groin encouraging him to fuck me.

He started slow and easy, just getting his cock coated in my juices…then BANG! He was fucking me deep and hard and at one point he hit my cervix and I repositioned to avoid it happening again. Alex was unrelenting, fucking me harder and harder. I had to hold on to the hand grips on the side of the Position Master to steady myself.

My orgasm hit me and I didn’t have time to savour the moment. He continued to fuck away as I yelled out with pleasure. I opened my eyes and checked out the girl in the video, the guy was still fucking her ass but had pushed a large dildo inside her pussy too.

I wanted more and reached my hand behind me and found Alex’s hand resting on my buttock. He continued to fuck as I brought his hand up to my lips and sucked his middle finger and guided it to the back of me. Gently I folded his fingers up leaving just his middle one pointing.

Resting on my shoulders I wet my fingers and reached round with my other hand to smear my saliva over my pouting anus. It had already started to open due to my relaxed and horny state of mind. Taking hold of Alex’s hand I pushed gently against my anus with his finger and felt my anus engulf it. He started to push gently up inside my ass whilst continuing to screw me.

OMG! It felt so good that within moments I was coming once more and this time I could feel my thighs becoming moist too. 😉 Alex could now be heard sploshing in and out of me, my enthusiasm evident by the excessive moisture down there.

The Position Master places my ass at the ideal position for heightened g-spot stimulation and gives me the bounce I need to meet with Alex’s thrusts. If you don’t already have one you should give it consideration, it takes a lot of work out of fucking and it’s fun too.

I started to bounce up to his inward thrusts and my g-spot was enlivened, I was now orgasming in rapid succession. I’m not sure how many I achieved but I think it must have been in excess of ten times.

It was now Alex’s turn and with one, two, three, slow and deliberate thrusts in to me he twitched and ground his groin in to my ass…shooting his load in to my pussy. The twitching subsided and he lay across my back, supporting himself slightly with his arms.

We lay spent together with his cock still inside me for a few minutes before it stated to retract. It slipped from between my labia, glided over the top of my pussy lips and clit and swung freely between Alex’s legs.

As I raised my head I just managed to catch the cum shot, curvy got he tongue coated with cum. Perfect timing. 😉

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