Anal Nurse Please!

By | January 20, 2011

If you’re a guy you’ll identify with this post immediately. If you’re not then you might have trouble understanding the pain I’m about to describe.

When you’re growing up as a boy you discover many truths about yourself and your body. Some of these are positive in nature, some not. The one I’m going to describe falls most definitely into the negative category.

Everyone knows you ought to keep your tools clean and as men have a particular interest, no obsession, with one very particular tool it’s no surprise that they usually wash it well. That is not a problem. What can be a problem if you get a little too enthusiastic about washing it and over-do the soap. Because if you get soap down the end of your cock you will experience a searing pain that makes having your leg amputated with a rusty penknife seem like a mere scratch.

The reason this came to mind was that I was just showering and washing my hair using a shampoo with menthol in it. I like it because it smells and feels fresh. So fresh in fact that I did once have an accident with it that made my eyes water.

I must have been relaxed and I assume my backside was as laid-back as the rest of me. I was washing my hair and then clenched my buttocks as I was moving around. That seemed to draw a concentrated solution of menthol shampoo right up my ass. Not something I’d care to repeat.

It crossed my mind as I washed my hair that if the same thing had happened to my cock I’d have been chewing the tiles off the walls. The things we men have to put up with.

So, to be on the safe side I’ve decided to take a moist nurse into the shower with me in future. Just in case of mishaps. I wonder how Suze will react.