The Sound Of Sex

By | May 13, 2008

We are all well familiar with the typical twangy soundtrack of traditional 70’s porn. It’s one of those sounds that you never forget and always raises a smile if heard unexpectedly.

I was taken back by a program on British TV called Missing whilst we were off on holiday. The television was on in the bedroom whilst I brushed my teeth in the bathroom. On hearing the familiar soundtrack I walked back in to the bedroom to see if Alex had put one of our Rude Europa DVD’s in to the player.

To my surprise it was the television program to help locate missing people and not porn. I will have to compare the two tunes and see just how close they are. But it made me smile for a moment and I had to explain to Alex just what I found so amusing.

On the porn soundtrack theme, my good friend Froggy Woogie discovered this site. They placed three professional musicians in a studio and played porn to them without the sound to see what they would come up with and the results are quite amazing.

Does this mean that we will soon be watching porn whilst listening to the Royal Philamonic Orchestras interpretation of an orgasm? The mind boggles but it would be better than most porn soundtracks wouldn’t it. And me being a naughty minded person would love to play the musical score when Alex’s parents drop in for a cuppa, although I don’t think I could keep a straight face.

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