Head Fucked On Webcam

By | January 23, 2011

The Decree Absolute hit the doormat with a thud. The manila envelope holding the key to the new life she had worked for year after year. Beth was still young, 38 was young wasn’t it? But her ten year marriage with Graham, the boring banker had been a trial.

Still the end was in site, a fat, juicy settlement, a house and security. She’d never have to work again and was unencumbered by children, her careful management of his libido and her own contraception meant that she had avoided that inconvenience.

Eventually she had managed to implicate him in a compromising Christmas party clinch with his secretary, probably nothing more than a smooch under the mistletoe, but his family didn’t see it like that. So to expedite the divorce he’d been supplicant and made things so easy … having seen the steely ruthless streak within her he seemed more than happy to oblige.

She read the document over and over at breakfast and smiled to herself.


Months past, her social life blossomed but never quite produced the replacement for Graham. She discovered the joy of cybersex and indulged her masturbatory fantasies to the full, her panties often wet from the frank and explicit advances of her electronic lovers.

The Internet kept her partners at arms length, and away from her new-found wealth.

Then, while chatting to a couple she had met online she was asked a strange and unexpected question. “Would you like to see us fuck?”

Rather taken by surprise she paused before accepting the intimate invitation. Her inquisitiveness and rapidly intensifying voyeuristic tendencies overcame her apprehension and she found herself typing “When?”

“Tomorrow night?”, asked the male half of the couple who called himself Felix.


The following night found herself at her PC, bottle of red wine open and her PC’s IM program waiting for Felix and Desdemona to log in.

She didn’t have to wait long. At the pre-arranged time the couple appeared, him in a pair of Lycra shorts, her in bra, panties and hold-ups. Not very imaginative, but Des’s figure suited them, shapely legs, pert ass and fleshy boobs. Everything seemed a little more pert than her own. Bitch! She cursed.

Felix was packing a fearsome looking package. He was obviously already aroused, the bulge in his shorts threatening to pop the seams.

The were both wearing Venetian style masks, so they weren’t that stupid. Not that she cared who they were. This was a free sex show, the next step beyond the online chats she was used to. Her pussy tingled in anticipation.

Des lay on the bed, just in shot, the webcam was good, but not perfect. Still this was all for her and her hand was already rubbing her swelling pussy, seeking out its sensitive button.

Slowly Felix kissed his partner’s body, she writhed, not in mock ecstasy, but true enjoyment. Far better than professional porn, real, passionate, arousing.

She could smell herself now, rich sexual aromas wafting up from her crotch. Her fingers moved from her clitoris to her hot, wet canal and delved inside. She watched Felix free his stiff cock from his shorts, leaving them on, the waistband under his balls, member waving in front of Des’s eager mouth. She found herself wanting to take that cock in her own mouth. It had been so long.

Consoling herself with her own delving fingers she watched Desdemona nibble and suck Felix to the point of orgasm and beyond. She hadn’t known what to expect, sex, masturbation, maybe just a little tease. It was obvious now.

The couple slid off the bed towards the webcam. Felix stood in full view of the camera, his cock disappeared deep into Des’s throat, in and out. His balls were tight, ready to pop.

Desdemona withdrew Felix’s cock at the last moment and with a couple of short strokes sent his cum showering over her chin and into her open mouth.

Beth groaned and came on her own hand, satisfied and wet.

Then Felix’s mask appeared in the camera, along with Desdemona’s.

“You enjoyed that?” he said. The voice was familiar, unsettlingly so.

“Erm yes”

The masks were removed and she found herself looking at Graham and his secretary. Graham’s cum was still dripping down her face.

He said “Now I know you’re probably too stupid to have recorded this but even if you have I recorded your little show. So don’t mention this to anyone or your mother and the whole Internet get to see you frigging yourself off.” Graham laughed.

The webcam went dead.