Free Porn For A Month

By | May 14, 2008

As I mentioned the other day, we have been given a full months unlimited viewing on a new porn TV site. It sounds like pure heaven doesn’t it? What could be better than being able to view lots of new movies and not having to watch any repeats.

The only problem is that we simply haven’t been finding the time to be able to take advantage of the situation over the past few days. What with going swimming, shopping and other commitments including writing for this site we don’t seem to have been able to tune in as much as we would like.

This is a situation we are going to remedy. Sod the cleaning and the household chores there is some good naughty viewing to be had and I’m going to make every effort to enjoy it.

Speaking of which…why am I sitting here writing this when I could be watching some dirty movies. 😉

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