Online Adult Movies

By | May 15, 2008

Michelle BarrettThere was a time when it was only possible to get hold of adult movies on celluloid. If you knew the right people, and had a projector and a quiet room which you, and probably your friends could use … let’s face it, that’s a lot of trouble to go to when all you want is your fix of adult entertainment.

Starting with the advent of home video players and then DVD adult movies have become increasingly available, even before hardcore was made fully legal in the UK. There’s still a problem though; To buy an R18 video you have to go to a licensed adult store.

You have always been able to get adult movies online, but the content is variable, often low quality and who wants to hand their credit card details to some anonymous company in the former Soviet Union?

With the advent of streaming adult content you can now purchase movies online and on-demand. Some sites charge by the movie, or the minute, but TelevisionX charges by the day, or month. Now this could lead to you spending a lot of time online because they’re adding new content all the time.

We’re currently working our way through the films so you’ll be hearing more about the channel over the next few weeks and if you check out, there’s some news about The TelevisionX stand at the Passion Show and the adult stars who’ll be appearing over the Bank holiday weekend.

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