Post Fuck Tissue Trail

By | May 15, 2008

I have a tendency to wake early now that the mornings are becoming lighter by the minute. The birds are in full chorus round about 5am and I find myself waking up full of the joys of…well, Summer.

If Alex stirs then I may give him a little encouragement that I’m feeling horny. A hand down the front of his boxer’s normally does the trick. I’m going through a horny dreams stage at the moment and most nights I am fucking someone whilst I sleep. No rest for the wicked! 😉

So waking feeling totally horny happens on a regular basis.

Following a little coaxing Alex usually rises to attention and slips off his boxer’s. By then I’m already wet and ready to go, no lube required.

If we are both still a little sleepy I like to spoon together with Alex entering me from behind. We can the gently rock together and have a slow sleepy screw. This feels tender, loving and warm as we both come with arms wrapped around each other. It’s not always about the deep hard fucking, although there is a time and place for that too. 😉

The morning fuck is often one of the best of the day. You are both so relaxed and receptive. The down side is having to get up, wash and get ready for work.

Despite washing thoroughly with a flannel there is always some seepage. Therefore I usually wrap a little toilet tissue around the gusset of my panties to absorb any leaks. 😉 I have found that merely folding tissue up and placing it in my panties can lead to problems. Falling out for example. That could be embarrassing if you are in company.

I then go to work and carry out my normal duties of the day. But today something occurred to me that I hadn’t noticed before. Our stairs at work are a dark hardwood. As I climbed them I noticed there were small balls of white accumulated on them.

Trying not to be too obvious in case someone came I took a closer look at them. They were only made of white toilet roll weren’t they! It appears I have been walking around work shedding little rolls of toilet tissue. A toilet tissue trail for my colleagues to follow, right to my desk. Lol