Cum Bet

By | January 24, 2011

White PantiesThe rum and cokes slid down her throat like a warm brown river while she waited for him to arrive. When he did she slid across the dance floor like a spectre in a red dress to tap him on the shoulder.

“Ready to lose your shirt?”

He laughed, “Yeah right.”

She smiled sweetly and turned her back on him. The sway of her hips and seems of her black stockings drew his eye as she disappeared into the growing crowd. He turned to the bar and bought himself and his friends a drink.

Pint in hand he turned again to survey the club. She was there with her best friend, Alison, dancing in the centre of the floor. The song was coming to an end and the DJ segued into a tune that didn’t register for a moment. He looked her in the eyes and as her arms slipped around Alison’s waste recognition flickered.

The girls began to sway, torsos pressed so firmly together that they could have been welded at the hips. Each slid a leg between the other’s thighs causing their short dresses rising higher. One by one men, then whole groups of men in the club started to notice the overtly sexual embrace they were sharing. He was transfixed, despite the growing audience she was dancing for him and him alone. Alison was obviously complicit, he didn’t think they had shared a bed but she knew one of his fantasies was that they had. The finally, half way in to the track he realised what she had asked the DJ to play. Katy Perry was telling the world about the surprising pleasures of kissing girls.

Probably queued by the salacious smile that spread across his face she kissed Alison. Just lips at first then within a few bars her tongue penetrated Alison’s mouth and the club erupted with the whoops of men whose volume was only matched by the stony silence of their watching girlfriends.

His cock was becoming hard in his trousers, uncomfortably so. He wanted to adjust it but realised it would look like he was playing with himself. Mercifully the song ended as he felt the first sticky drops of precum flowing from the tip of his hard member.

She led Alison from the dance floor to the appreciative gazes of men and the stiletto like stares of their girlfriends.

“I think he liked that?” shouted Alison over the music.

He felt a hand on the bulge in his trousers. “Oh yes he did.” She confirmed with a smile as Alison began to kiss her neck. “I think he’ll enjoy this even more.” She nodded towards a corridor at the side of the bar. He followed without question, accompanied by the cheers of his friends.

The corridor was dimly lit and turned to the right after about fifteen metres. Immediately they were out of sight of the club she pushed Alison against the wall and lifted up her dress to reveal Alison was not wearing underwear. She dropped to her knees and kissed Alison’s shaven mound. He felt a lump in his throat to match that in his groin and swallowed hard. She started to lick Alison, with a tenderness at first and with each moment that passed an increasing vigour and forcefulness.

He could smell the aroma of arousal rising from Alison. Her eyes were now closed and head back against the white-painted brick wall while his girlfriend lapped at her cunt.

She stood up and took Alison’s hand, placing it on her swollen labia. Alison smiled and started to rub herself. Two steps and his girlfriend was in front of him, kissing him, the taste of Catherin on her lips and her thigh rubbing his cock through a thin layer of material. Her hands were in his hair, her tongue in his mouth. Then it began, the tightness of his balls was unbearable, the tension so great … and he felt the semen rise, pumping along his hard, constricted cock down his leg. His trousers became moist and it was only then that she released him from her kiss.

“I told you I could make you cum without touching you down there.” She said. She looked over her shoulder towards Alison. Now, what should we do about her?