No Wonder My Clit Felt Tight

By | May 16, 2008

I have shared with readers that I have a toilet roll in almost every room in the house before. Although it looks innocuous it has a purpose and no we don’t constantly have streaming noses in the AlexSuze household. Lol

We like to be adventurous and unpredictable which means we can be having sex anywhere in the house. After all there is nothing to impede this behaviour, that cat isn’t going to tell anyone is he?

I could be in the living room watching the television…Alex gets a spontaneous hard on and there we go. Before I know it I’m being bent over the back of the sofa and Alex is fucking me doggy style from behind.

We do close the curtains first. 🙂

Oooh, I almost forgot. The reason there are toilet rolls all over the house is for the purpose of cleaning and bunging up after sex. I fold it in to a fanny bung afterwards to stop Alex’s deposit running out of me on to the floor. 😉

I sometimes leave it in place for a while whilst we embrace savouring the post orgasm afterglow. This can result in it sticking to my inner labia and pulling the skin with it when I remove it and flush it down the toilet.

That is exactly what happened yesterday evening. We lay together on the bed and the folded tissue stuck to me. After embracing for a few minutes I got up to wash off and Alex followed close behind. He always washes me when we have had sex, it’s tender and pleasant feeling the soft facecloth caressing my fucked pussy soothing it with its warmth.

I returned to the bedroom and got dressed to go out shopping and we spent the afternoon out at the mall. As we walked round I felt a little dry and tight down below but dismissed it as being my underwear rubbing me up under my jeans.

By the time we got back home I was feeling extremely tight and uncomfortable and I asked Alex to take a look at my pussy. I removed my panties and jeans and stretched out on the bed. He moved in between my legs, parted my labia and took a close look at me.

“This is why you felt uncomfortable!”, he exclaimed holding a small piece of toilet tissue between his fingers. I laughed and to be honest felt a little relieved that was all it was. Phew! Next time I will have to be careful to ensure all the tissue is removed when we wash post fuck.

It could have been an embarrassing visit to the doctors. I can just imagine him examining me and saying “I’ve found out what the course of your problem is”, holding up a piece of tissue waiting for an explanation. Lol