Fucking Against The Clock

By | January 25, 2011

KissWe were faced with a slight dilemma yesterday evening.  My father was due to call but we weren’t sure of the time, usually it’s around 8.30pm.

I can hear you all shouting, why is that a problem.  Well it was 8.15pm and we had just finished dinner and the cleaning up afterwards.  Was there time for a quickie shag before the phone rings or should we wait until he had called?

It was a mutual decision that neither of us could wait to fuck each others brains out…but it had to be done quickly.  I felt like we were taking part in an episode of countdown.

We slipped under the covers and without any hesitation I took Alex’s cock in my mouth to give it one of the quickest servicings I’ve ever done.  With a rapid ficking, licking and sucking he was soon hard enough to penetrate me.

He swiftly parted my legs and pushed his hard cock inside my warm cunt and it felt good, so good I ate him all up.  ;0  With not time to waste he started pummelling  my pussy.  I was soon having my first orgasm and my pussy and thighs glistened with my juices.

But there was not time to spare and Alex flipped me over and I raised to my knees for a bit of doggy.  My favourite.  He pushed in deep and contact was made with my g-spot immediately, I moaned my appreciation.

Tick, tick, tick.  I was so time aware but at the same time enjoying the penetration…a strange feeling wanting to be fucked but knowing your parent will be intervening any time soon.  Fuck me fuck me now!

Alex screwed me hard and fast, making the most of these precious moments, hoping for sweet release before telephonic intervention.  I was on the verge of…

He sensed my release, warm wet and vocal and started to throb in my pussy a sure sign he was about to spurt his hot semen inside me.  “Aghh” and there he was twitching and thrusting his seed inside my hot, wanton cunt.

I moaned again, an accepting moan, a satiated moan, I knew he had cum inside