Fuck Me With That Strap-On

By | May 16, 2008

Strap-on JaneOne of my biggest regrets was that I never got the chance with previous girl on girl encounters to fuck or be fucked by a strap-on. The girls I have had encounters with were quite innocent by today’s standards and we certainly never had the opportunity to fuck each other with sex toys.

Given my time again I would love to slip back in time and fully explore sex with the girl who lived next door to us for a while until we moved. She was a cute blonde who was married and wanted to explore her lesbian side for a while.

Back then I wasn’t as educated in the sexual ways of the world. But Oh, what I would do to her now…

It all seemed…well, quite innocent and sweet then. We were all young and horny and exploring our sexuality at the time.

I have fucked Alex recently with a strap-on and I enjoyed it immensely. No, correction it turned me on taking control like that. Giving him a good fucking up the ass. Strange how roll reversal both empowers and acts as an aphrodisiac at the same time. I was so wet when I was doing him that he had to fuck me afterwards. 😉

The reason for this reflective moment is because I have just been watching a lesbian scene featuring Alicia Rhodes being fucked by a strap-on worn by Strap-On Jane. If you haven’t seen this lady go and check her out over here. She is amazing and the things that she can’t do with a strap-on you don’t want to know about.

To be taken by another woman like that must be incredible and I hope I get the opportunity to supplicate. Perhaps I could talk Busty in to giving me a good seeing to. 😉 I want to explore every aspect of my sexuality and desires before I get old. Does that sound strange?

We only have one chance at this and I want to quite literally go out with a bang!

Remember, if you should catch my eye and I yours go for it girl…

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