That’s Where It`s Scat

By | January 26, 2011

Scat DinerSometimes you really do have to wonder how anyone would conceive such thoughts and put them in to action.

What am I talking about?

I just read about an new restaurant chain which started out in Taiwan have just opened one in Kunming, yes I noted the close proximity to something rude.  Lol

So why am I mentioning this, nothing exciting about that?  It’s the theme of the establishments which caught my eye.  To give you a clue the chain is called Modern Toilet.  You guessed it, they do have toilet like seats for you to sit on and offer up a rather off-putting menu.

Dishes offered include “toilet bowl hotpot”, “fried excrement sticks and to finish off why not try the “excrement ice”.

You do have to ask why anyone would execute such a bad idea but it seems the chain is growing so they must be making money out of it.

Would you go?  I’m not sure I would.