Fit Girls At The Gym

By | January 27, 2011

I had been promising myself to get back in to a fitness regime for weeks and for one reason or other didn’t.  The weeks passed by and I finally made a promise to myself to start going to gym again a couple of weeks ago.  And I did.

On my first day back  I must say I’m glad I had the conviction to see it though.  Although I was knackered and will probably ache in places I never knew I had I’m sure it has to be good form me.  Lol

It was a quiet morning too, I couldn’t have chosen a better day.  Some days I used to have to queue to use equipment and I thought it was going to be like that today.  Traditionally most people join gym immediately after Christmas and gradually falter as the weeks pass.

I decided to hit the ground running and do some time on the rowing machine and I did quite well, that was until the smelliest guy ever sat right next to me and started wafting his stink around.  It was lucky that I was already feeling the strain by the time he sat there so I got up and moved on.

Didn’t spot anyone worth one though but there is always next time.  I’m back!  😉