Premier League Swedish Orgy

By | January 27, 2011

JeansWhy do celebrities put themselves in positions which leave them open to blackmail or tabloid coverage.  Last year we heard the tale of a top of the league football player being filmed visiting a massage parlour, both Vernon Kay and Jason Manford were sexting fans and today it has been revealed that another football player is involved in a sex scandal.

You really would think they would have more sense than to get wrapped up in another sex scandal.  The player has brought the police in to investigate the blackmailer who claims to have footage taken from the orgy on his Blackberry.

The party took place in Vegas when the player and two friends took 3 Swedish blondes up to their room for sex.  It is believed that the footage includes the player stark bollock naked except for a condom.

He most certainly dropped the ball in that one.  lol