Jenna’s Tits Got A Good Fucking

By | May 17, 2008

It’s the second time that we have had a pornstar over to our house. I wonder if we are being talked about, entertaining these naughty girls. Lol

Alex popped her out of the box and her protective packaging and I just couldn’t wait to get my hands on her. She had the familiar UR3 scent about her. It smells like something good from the candy shop and I’m not talking about 50 Cent.

UR3 has an unmistakable aroma, pleasant, sweet and slightly vanilla. You will know when you smell it exactly what I am talking about.

I took Jenna’s boobs in my hands, they were substantial pert and fairly weighty and I got slightly giddy just thinking about Alex fucking them. Inadvertently I found myself tweeking her erect rosebud pink nipples.

The feel of these boobs is wonderfully natural and skin like. No squeaky give away noises as I massaged her breasts. Just soft yielding fleshy breasts which rolled under my palms just like the real thing.

There I was getting carried away and I hadn’t even washed her yet. 😉 Alex followed me up to the bathroom and I laid the perfect pair on the bottom of the bath whilst I retrieved some scented bodywash from the bathroom cabinet.

Alex went to get a towel to dry her with. I squirted liberal amounts of bodywash on to her upright mounds and watched as it ran, treacly between the valley in her cleavage. This may sound strange but I was getting really turned on at the prospect of washing a pair of breasts, it’s a while since I had the opportunity. 😉

Now time to turn on the shower. I picked up the head from it’s mounting and pointed it briefly at her breasts. Then I turned off the shower and started to massage her breasts with both hands, leaning over the side of the bath. It felt good…no it felt really good. I got a real lather up on her tits and ran my hands over every inch of her to ensure she was clean.

I loved running my hand up between the deep valley of her breasts, cupping, massaging and tweaking intermittently. Alex noticed my eagerness and asked, “Are you enjoying yourself there?”. My response was predictably “Yes, it’s ages since I did this”, giving him a coy smile.

He returned the smile, knowing just how much I was getting off on this experience.

She was now well clean and I was heading the other way, my panties were undeniably wet. I turned the shower back on and sprayed her down watching as the last droplets of suds ran from her breasts in to the bath.

Alex passed the towel and I scooped her up and wrapped her in the soft, fluffy towel. Now to the bedroom where she would spend an evening in our company. The excitement was palpable on the air, there was a sexual buzz and I think most of it was coming from me.

One of my favourite sexual acts is to tit wank Alex. Nothing compares with the view I get of his cock head moving in and out of my breasts as I hold them firmly against his hard cock. I love to watch his cock roll as it pushes between my breasts and the foreskin is drawn back to fully exposing his helmet.

I just couldn’t imagine how it would be to actually be a fly on the wall and see him tit fuck first hand and without the visual problems of the act being too close to your face. This time I would be able to choose my own angle and viewing position and I wanted a front row seat.

Jenna was towelled off and placed on the towel at Alex’s side of the bed. She was ready for action. Alex retrieved some water-based lube from his bedside drawer and knelt in front of Jenna’s Perfect Pair. He drizzled lube between her boobs and placed the bottle on his bedside drawers.

I took up position at the side of Jenna with my head at cock height resting on my outstretched arm. What a fantastic view, my face was level with the gap between those breasts, nothing was going to pass me by.

Alex placed his erection between her breasts and closed them around him with his hands. His cock momentarily disappeared to reappear when he took his first thrust between them. I pushed my free hand inside the waistband of my jeans and down in to my panties, opening my legs slightly to allow myself access. It was moist and warm in there. 😉

His cock was now working in and out of her cleavage and the lube began to flow to the edge and over on to the towel. He had applied a little too much in his eagerness. I watched as his cock rolled, rubbing his frenulum up against her chest wall. The head was now full engorged, red and shiny his urethra opening briefly as he pushed forward.

My fingers were now gently rolling my swollen clit, the combination of stimulation and visuals making me orgasm within minutes. I was so turned on. This made Alex totally relax and he pushed his head upwards and back as he fucked at Jenna’s tits.

He heard me come and it had pushed him closer to orgasm, his movements becoming more deliberate and frenzied. His cock was now darting quickly in and out of her ample breasts and I watched open mouthed waiting. I pulled my hand free of my jeans and placed my warm wet fingers between Alex’s lips. He began to suck on my fingers, licking them clean. I could smell myself as the odour penetrated the air.

He now started to groan and slowed his rhythm down, fucking her slowly and deliberately taking long strokes. I eased forward to get a closer view. “Aggghhhh”, he cried as the first spurt of come released from his cock. It fell in a glutenous ribbon on to the towel just off the edge of Jenna.

It was quickly followed by another which hit me squarely on the nose. I gathered up his ejaculate on my fingers and sucked them, watching. Alex withdrew at that point and began to wank over her much to my delight.

Strings of come flew over her breasts, one landing directly on to her left nipple. I would lick that off later I though to myself. 😉 Alex drained the last of his semen from his cock and collapsed on to the bed at the other side of her.

It was now time to clean up and I wouldn’t be using a cloth…

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