Just The Sound Of Your Voice Can Get Me Off

By | May 18, 2008

Unberto TozziAside from our looks and that physical attraction that we all sense within minutes of meeting each other, there is also the vocal attraction. How many times have you been visually stimulated by someone to find that when they open their mouths they sound terrible and your first impression is overwhelmed by the disappointment at the sound of their voice?

I know I have done just that. Attraction to another goes far deeper than just visuals I know. Initially, they say that within seconds you have decided if someone is attractive to you, therefore first assumptions are based purely on looks.

The next step is voice analysis when you speak those first tentative words to each other, not even realising just how many simultaneous assessments you are computing in your brain. The first two are crucial but extended time together can sway the whole thing.

Looks, accent and any other characteristic can be re-evaluated if you get a chance to spend time with that person. Personally, I have gone out with guys who on initial contact have done nothing to stimulate me but have redeemed themselves by being witty, intelligent or humorous and if you can find all three qualities in a guy marvellous.

Given that the blind cannot visualise the opposite sex, perhaps their decision makings is to be less superficial than the rest of us. Perhaps it facilitates a fairer, deeper and more meaningful decision than we sighted people. Maybe it’s the case that blind people are less judgemental than the sighted.

I didn’t want to get so deep and analytical in this post but it has raised a whole new topic to discuss.

What I was going to say, was that I love accents and they can turn me regardless of any other factor. The Italian accent for example makes me wet as soon as I hear it…”Ti Amo” Italia. There are too many accents to name who can bring about a wet gusset between Suze’s legs and I found a great site to hear them just to spark memories.

Take a listen here and see just how many accents get your juices flowing. 😉

Then go and listen to Umberto Tozzi and just…well…melt. Bear in mind this looks like the original footage and a little blurry and has an abrupt ending but it doesn’t take away from the power and pure sexual output of this classic song.

I knew the song well having spent many a day in Italy but not until now did I take the time to look up the lyrics. Jesus they are so touching…

Ti amo, God how I love you so
My heart just won’t let go
Day after day I’m still holdin’ on
Even though you’re gone

I just realised how much I miss Italy and the warm Italian people…

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