Home Alone With A Pornstar

By | January 30, 2011

Macaulay CulkinHow soon they grow up.  I just commented to Alex that Macaulay Culkin has grown up.  Then I realised that he was in the role of Kevin McCallister in 1990, of course he has.   Lol

He now seems to have found his way in to a Spanish sex club and in to the arms of a pornstar.  That’s if the papers are to be believed.

Can’t say I blame him Irene Lopez pictured with him here is quite a looker and he’s probably on the rebound since he split with Black Swan star Mila Kunis.  They had been together for 8 years so that’s bound to hurt.

And I bet that Irene is going to kiss it all better.  Or something like that.  Is that just my dirty mind at work?  😉