Fuck Me Heels

By | January 31, 2011

Vivier ShoesI know it seems to have become a bit of a tradition that girls collect shoes but I have never been one to follow the norm. For me shoes are practical, yes I like to have heels to go out in, trainers to exercise and walk in. I’m more of a practical girl. Why do I need loads of shoes which will cost a fortune and sit in my wardrobe most of the time.

My ex-colleague Busty at work revealed to me tht she has more than a hundred pairs of shoes. In fact so many that she was having to invest in a stacking method to get them all to fit in her closet.

You have to ask is it really necessary to have that many. It reminded me a little of people on social networking sites who have to collect friends to boost their self worth. To prove how popular they can be.

Is this compensating for something? I don’t know. Do we have any psychologists in the house?

And to be honest it maddens me to read just how much we spend on things which don’t matter like handbags, clothing and shoes.

So you can imagine how I reacted to this totally tasteless pair of shoes when I read this article.

Surely you have to be a fuck wit to think they either look good or are worth that kind of money. 🙂