I Love A Bit Of Meat

By | May 18, 2008

As a rock chic I grew up on Meatloaf. Perhaps more importantly on “Bat Out Of Hell” the LP. Yes, back in my day you bought music on vinyl, no IPODS or downloading over the internet. It was a double album and I still have the orginal copy in my record collection complete with scratches to add to the authenticity. Lol

And unlike some, I don’t aspire to the virtues of vinyl. For me it was scratchy, jumpy and crackly…oh, hail the CD player. 🙂

Bat out of hell was one of the most influential albums I ever bought and to this day still stands at the top of my all time favourites along with other including “Fat Of The Land” by the Prodigy.

I learned, lived and loved listening to Meatloaf’s lyrics. And “Paradise By The Dashboard Light”, is exactly what I found. 😉 Marvin Lee Aday as he was born, later changed his name to Michael Lee Aday has to have one of the most powerful and recognisable voices in the history of rock.

If I had to pick a favourite song on that album it would be difficult because all of them have such wonderful memories for me. But we can’t forget the wonderful input from Jim Steinman, composer and lyricist who was fundamental in the production of Bat Out Of Hell and subsequent albums not just for Meatloaf but other performers such as Bonnie Tyler.

I assume every teenager has an inspirational band and this has to be mine. Also my boyfriend at the time was a biker and you know me…I love anything which vibrates and the smell of leather, so it was a hot time for me.

I’m also please to see that Meat has knocked off a few pounds which will probably ensure that he is around for our grandchildren to listen to.

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