Free Porn and … OMG! A Frenulum Padlock

By | May 19, 2008

rICHARD lARSEN jEWELLERYIf you aren’t already aware of it we have new site,

A new site is always a bit of an adventure and you never know quite what’s going to happen as it grows and evolves. However a constant in all that variability is that you’ll get some unexpected search terms in the stats that really throw you.

In the case of Sex Toys Buzz the search term that really takes the biscuit so far is “frenulum padlock”. I can see the point of typing it in, we featured some beautiful jewellery from Richard Larsen on last year, but how come Suze’s review of the Allure Restraints got indexed against that phrase by Google?

That’s the wonder of search engine relevance I suppose.

Be assured we’ll be watching for similarly weird search terms against SexToysBuzz over the coming months and we’ll let you know if anything comes close to the one I just found on AlezSuze’s states:

“porn taste good adult sexblog with sexy nude women nd free pron”

Plenty of pron here boys and girls.