Clit Or Cock, Why Not Try Both

By | May 19, 2008

Last night Alex was catching up on a bit of work on the site and I decided to slip off to the bedroom for a bit of a play. We had little nephew stay over Friday night and returned him to his parents late afternoon.

We were a little weary, having children buzzing around all day means you never get a moment. I’m so glad the cat gives us no trouble. Lol He was very good but in to everything as toddlers tend to be. It’s always lovely to have him but great to give him back. 🙂

So, off I went to the bedroom whilst Alex drummed away at the keyboard in the background. It wasn’t long before I was reaching for my clit stimulator and removing all my clothes. I slipped between the sheets completely naked and horny.

I placed the clit vibe on to my right middle finger. It had been a while since my last clitoral fun and I was excited at the thought of controlling my own orgasm. Keys were eagerly being pressed in the room adjacent and I lowered my right hand towards my eager pussy.

A quick stroke of my finger between my labia confirmed what I thought already, I was moist but I still sucked the clit vibe tip moistening it ready for insertion between my pink, puffed up labia. My finger soon hit the spot with a stroke up and down I had eased my clit free from its fleshy sheath and I was ready to go.

My breathing had become noticeably deep but fast, anticipation gripping my senses. I began to move the vibe from side to side across my labia, rolling it as I did so. It felt good, very, very sensitive. Abstinence had obviously paid dividends. 😉

After maybe 20 or 30 strokes I was already on my way to coming, the familiar tingling had begun in my feet. I resisted the temptation to give in to it straight away and changed my stroke, allowing me to regain composure. Orgasm kept in abeyance for a little while longer.

I slowed my pace. This was going to be a long and sensual self pleasuring experience and I was going to languish in every tingle and contraction. My ministrations were on the verge of bringing me off again. Side to side was working well. I placed my left foot over the top of my right, gripped my buttocks tight and waited to ride the wave of pleasure which was about to break against the shore.

I’m not quiet when I cum, I have to really concentrate to avoid being vocal which takes all the fun out of it. So, in short I don’t suppress my need to let the world know I’m coming. I quivered and arched my back away from the mattress as the lightening bolt of orgasmic delights raced through my body.

Alex must have heard me and I became aware of him entering the room, then his presence on the bed next to me. The orgasm was still rippling through me and unlike other clitoral orgasms where my clit becomes hyper sensitive afterwards, this time I kept on rubbing away. It was the most unusual feeling, I somehow managed to keep myself at the point of orgasm and over and over again I came.

My right hand was wet through with my own juices as I continued to mover the clit vibe over my swollen clitoris.

I was just about to come for what must have been the 10th time, or at least it seemed like that many. When Alex parted my legs and pushed his way between them. My cunt needed to be filled with his hard cock but I also wanted to continue with my clitoral masturbation.

He pushed inside me and filled me up, deep, hard and comforting. He began to fuck away at me almost possessed a look of determination on his face as he drove in to me. I was still on a post orgasmic high and enjoying the vibrations passing through my pink nub.

But for some strange reason I lost the ability to be able to bring myself off. I’m not sure if it was because of the prolonged orgasms I had or because I cannot have a clitoral orgasm when I have a hard cock inside me.

Some more investigation needs to be done…