Dogging On The Busses

By | May 19, 2008

Bob GrantIf you want to freak out Suze then put on a Jack Harper (Bob Grant) mask and sneak up behind her. I’m sure Bob was a nice bloke, but she finds his character from On The Busses really creepy. To be honest, even growing up in the 70s I found his lecherous laughs and crude one-liners rather awkward.

Why do I mention this peculiarly British character from a 40 year old comedy show? Because we were taking advantage of our free month of TelevisionX yesterday evening and Suze decided she wanted to watch Dogging Diaries 3/4 … yes that foxed me too, but I think part 3 is the intro by Donna Marie and the fourth part is the bit where her and the clippie get it on, on the top deck.


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