Electric Orgasms

By | May 20, 2008

First day back at work and we were all scheduled to do some in-house training. It took up the whole morning and lunchtime too. I don’t know about you but I like to ensure that I take a lunch out of the office to recharge ready for the afternoon.

So, needless to say the day went a little slowly and I felt a bit knackered when I got home.

The afternoon had its moments including a conversation I had with Busty. She has just signed up for a satellite TV package which includes some adult channels. I bet they aren’t quite the same type as the one we have been watching this week. 😉 As Alex mentioned in his post yesterday the dogging video we watched last night was very hot.

She went on to tell me that she was watching a very strange program where they had a woman “Wearing something strapped over her tuppence”…I know not my words, she hovers between dirty bitch and innocent girl. 😉 “They then plugged her in to this machine and sent pulses through it”.

I was becoming quite intrigued by her explanation. “They also had a dido which did the same thing. There were wires all over the place coming down from the ceiling and a chair with all sorts of attachments on it.”

By now I had worked out what she was talking about. I think she may just have seen a program about Electrastim, where you can use various devices that plug in to a mains box with a controllable power dial.

It took me all my time to hold back and not just come right out and say it. “Oh, I think I know what you are talking about, they are sometimes used by BDSMers”.

“Yes, that’s right. Some of the people in the program wore that shiny clothing that fits really tight”. Busty added.

I’m now beginning to wonder if she is testing me. Was this a trap to check just how kinky I was or was it just a case of an innocent girl being inquisitive? I prefer to believe the latter, the other option makes me sound slightly paranoid. Lol

Am I the only one who thinks our conversations at work are really cool these days…

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