Get Them Out Boys The Cock Nurse Is Here

By | February 3, 2011

NurseRole play is a fun and diverting part of many people’s sex lives, but others take it very seriously indeed.

There can’t be many people who haven’t (in a long-term relationship) spiced it up with a little role play. I know we have on a number of occasions. It’s at the very least fun, often very erotic and depending on what you get up to it can be exciting and thrilling.

I would however class Suze and myself s pretty non-serious role players. By that I mean that RP doesn’t form the core of our relationship and doesn’t need to be present in most of our sexual encounters.

Because there are as many colours of sexuality and relationships as there are different shaped snowflakes it follows that there must be people out there for whom RP is essential.

I’m not necessarily talking about Cosplay or any other activity that involves props or costumes. As always it’s the psychological and emotional scene that is important, not necessarily the physical location or the clothes you wear.

Would any of you guys feel that role play is at the centre of your relationship?