Find Me A Nipple To Lick

By | February 8, 2011

AlexSuzeNipple Lovers

There’s something about a nipple that most men find irresistible. I’m not talking about breasts here I’m talking about the nipples itself. Of course there’s nothing wrong with a lovely pair of breasts, far from it I do love to indulge myself in a pair of breasts … Ooh I love a pair of … where was I?

Ah, that was it, nipples.

Like every part of breasts I’m sure that you could argue a man’s breast fixation is because of some form of mother fixation, but frankly I think that’s contrived explanation for the simple truth; Whether there’s an element of suckling involved in a guy’s breast fixation it is a sexual attraction. Is it maybe that there is a primeval urge for the guy to seek out a woman with developed and therefore productive breasts to support their combined offspring?

I don’t honestly care. The urge is there, guys love breasts and specifically I do enjoy nipples.

The nipple is, like the rest of the breast sensitive and a joy to tease during foreplay and sex. I like my own nipples liking and sucking. But I like to stimulate my partners breasts, all of their breast, licking, nibbling and sucking all over.

But the nipple lends itself to fun and games. Licking around it and blowing will turn a dormant little bud of pleasure into an engorged bundle of nerves presented to your tongue in a blood-filled button of flesh ready to be nibbled and sucked.

I have read of some women who can actually orgasm just by having their nipples and breasts played with, though it’s not something that I’ve encountered. It does make me wonder how they would cope when jogging do they get an orgasm every few hundred metres? Or is it the act of another human being playing with their most erogenous zones that causes the arousal and ultimate release?

The things I think about?