Home Made Porn

By | February 9, 2011

Could someone please define what amateur means in the porn world?

You see I’m fine so long as I know what I’m getting but we all know that it’s very difficult to believe that all but a handful of exhibitionists actually appear in porn for no fee. I suppose I’m a traditionalist when it comes to words like “amateur” and believe that it means you do it for the love of it. And of course that also makes me naïve because I don’t believe that the top Olympic athletes are what anyone half a century ago would have regarded as amateur.

Don’t get me wrong I’m not knocking anyone getting paid for being an athlete of a porn star, or an athletic porn star for that matter I just think it’s a corruption of the word to apply amateur to most of the movies that appear on the Web labelled as such.

The nearest thing you can get to amateur porn films are those were the actors take expenses and a small fee, not the four figure sums that successful porn performers make for one scene. There are those who post videos of themselves on the tube sites because it gives them a thrill, but they are in the minority.

Let’s re-label “Amateur Porn” what it is – “Amateur Style Gonzo-esque Formula Porn”. We all know it’s contrived so giving it an amateur title doesn’t mean it’s any easier to slip into the zone of suspended belief that makes Amateur Style Porn work.