Such A Capacious Ass

By | February 5, 2011

Orgazm AddictzI was looking back through some of our earliest porn purchases, long before we had any preferences or had a favourite producer.  It was quite a refreshing foray through porn I’ve not watched for years, mainly because we have new releases coming through the door every week now for review.

As you know we are having a Tanya Hyde week here on AlexSuze to celebrate our trip to London and a day on set with Tanya filming.  Well, I came across a DVD dating back to 2005 which I watched and decided to review today because it was so memorable.  Back then we hadn’t started to review porn DVD’s, we were still having to buy them back then.

One scene in Orgazm Addictz struck me, well, no one woman.  That woman was Alicia Rhodes.  She has the ability to eat cock with her ass.  I’ve seen a lot of porn over the years and she has one of the most accommodating asses I’ve ever seen.

I’ll let you know when the review is up.  😉