Porn Bust

By | February 5, 2011

OMGAn old friend came over for lunch last Friday.  She’s an old work colleague that I met about 10 years ago when we were brought together by circumstances.

When I say circumstances, it would probably be nearer the mark to say stress.  We had both started with the company around the same time so had that in common from day one but it was really the stress of working for a bunch of wankers which ensured we became good friends.

We would spend lunchtimes together complaining about how bad things were and by the end of the hour feel much better for being able to share with another person.  This bonded us for life and ever since although we haven’t been in each other’s pockets, we have always stayed in touch with the odd email and cards at Christmas and Birthdays.

But more recently, since I started working from home, my friend has been able to come over and join me for lunch roughly once a month on her day off.  It’s nice to catch up and spend a girly afternoon together.

However it does entail careful planning on my part.  I have to ensure that there are no toys, DVD’s or adult products left lying around.  I generally close my office door and ensure that my bedroom door is closed too.

My friend came over mid morning and we had a good chat prior to me preparing our lunch in the kitchen.  As I was doing so my friend went to the loo.  The next thing I know she is shouting down the stairs “where is you cat?”  Dread struck as I realised that he was lying at the bottom of our bed.  I only had a moment to think through the situation and I answered that he was in my bedroom.

I thought she would leave it there, not wanting to intrude on my private space.  How wrong was I.  She then asked if she could go in and see him.  Unable to refuse for fear of making myself look bad, I responded yes.

Moments later I had all sorts of thoughts going through my head.  There were the 5 crates of toys in the corner of the room.  The porn DVD sitting on top of the player from last night.  The pile of porn DVD’s on top of the wardrobe.  And last but not least, the collection of whips hanging from the bedhead.

I now found myself dreading her coming downstairs.

When she finally came down I acted as normal and waited for her to divulge what she had seen but nothing was said.

I spent the rest of the afternoon wondering if she had seen anything or been too intent on stroking my pussy…