I Love Your, Tongue Action

By | May 23, 2008

I love your love action
Lust’s just a distraction
No talking, just looking
Watching your love action

Love Action, The Human League

Well sorry Phil, but I have to disagree. Talking is a huge part of the attraction between you and your partner. I love to hear women speak, particularly if they have an attractive voice.

What makes a voice attractive to me?

Well, it can be an accent. For example Irish, French, Italian, Spanish, Australian (some, not all), American (again some, not all), Newcastle (some), Scottish, Dutch, Scandinavian accents … Hang on, I like a lot of accents. Or is it that I like accents a lot? Probably the latter.

Some accents give me goose bumps, others make me smile and put very, very naughty images straight into my head. I’ve tried to work out why that is and I really can’t pin it down. I know some of it has to be association, either with experiences I’ve had, or attractive females with whom I associate a particular accent. There is no simple explanation though. The attraction and the reaction I have to accents is not quantifiable and seems pretty instinctive.

The response is, I suppose, Pavlovian in that it is learned, but subconscious. Suze knows me very well and has even been known to point out a woman with a particular accent just to see what my reaction will be.

It’s not just the accent either. If you take the grammar and syntax used by different nationalities, when speaking in their native language, or in English, a beautiful uniqueness is revealed. Sometimes the order of words is changed, in other cases even people from different areas of the UK use words and phrases that are unique to their locale.

I also have another weakness, for lisps. Corny I know, but it’s true … Suze really takes the Michael out of me on that score.

There has to be a name for accent fetish, though the nearest I can find is Xenophilia, attraction to foreigners. Anyone know what it is?

And to finish, another 80s track

Stranger emotions in mynd
Changing the contours I find
I’ve seen them once before
Someone cries to me

Oh, the look and the sound of
The Voice
They try, they try
Oh, the shape and the power of
The Voice
In strong low tones

The Voice, Ultravox

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