Who`s Your Daddy!?

By | February 6, 2011

AaarghJeremy Kyle will be getting hot under the collar today and not for the usual reasons.  I never thought I would be opening a post with that line.  Lol

From today it is now possible to purchase a DNA Kit from a major high street pharmacy chain.  Boots are now retailing the DIY paternity kit in their stores for £30.

The kit involves you taking a swab from inside the mouth of the child and the potential father to compare the DNA and therefore discover if they are the biological father of that child.

These swabs are then sent off to a lab in Norwich for analysis at a cost of £130 and the results are emailed, posted or phoned through to you.  The lab also offers a 24hr turnaround for £329.

This had caused some controversy with some claiming that people could be unprepared for a potentially devastating outcome whilst others argue that most of these tests are sent to the US and therefore aren’t regulated here and this service would be UK regulated.

What do you think, should this service be offered without the potential of counciling should things not go to plan?