Sex On The Beach

By | February 10, 2011

I thought that with all this snow in the UK we could all do with being warmed up a little. Indulge yourself in my fantasy why don’t you …

The sand was white, almost too white, the intense sun reflected from it and dazzled me. I walked down to the waterline where a clear, blue ocean gently lapped at my toes as I walked between the land and sea.

The water looked inviting and as the beach was deserted I slipped off my shorts and strode into the gently swelling waves naked as the day I was born. Swimming under a tropical sun as nature intended. When the water was waist height I threw myself forward and plunged under the warm water.

I swam for a while, along the length of the beach until it all seemed like too much effort, then lay on my back and let the waves lift me up and down. I could hear their gentle lapping at the beach, caressing it with a watery embrace, making love to the sand.

Feeling myself becoming incredibly relaxed and developing a slight erection from the back and forth movement of the current around my groin I rolled on to my front and started to swim to the shore. It was then that I noticed I was no longer alone.

Laid on a towel, baking in the sun was a girl. I hadn’t seen her before. She must have arrived on the last flight from the mainland after I had left my apartment in the tiny holiday village. Suddenly swimming in the nude seemed like less of a good idea. I could guess her reaction and it would probably involve acute embarrassment at the very least.

As I got closer to the beach I could see she had her eyes closed and decided to retrieve my shorts by stealth before she became aware of my presence. She was 10 metres away from them after all …

My stealth mission began well, slipping from the water with the grace of a seal, padding up the beach like a Ninja Camel hardly stirring the soft sand. Then as I tried to get two legs into the same side of my shorts, falling over like a felled tree.

“Hello?” She said, eyes still closed, unable to open them because of the glare of the sun on her closed lids.

“Hi.” I replied with as much nonchalance as I could muster as I rolled around my wet body becoming coated in white coral sand.

“I’m Gwen.” She blindly offered me a hand. I was about eight metres away, shorts now wrapped around one leg. I took a chance. A couple of strides and I was standing over her. I took her hand and prayed the sun would mean she couldn’t open her eyes – and completely forgot that by standing over her with my back to the sun I made it possible to do exactly that.

Her face was a stream of expressions. First incomprehension as her eyes adjusted, then surprise at the site of a sand covered man looming over her sporting a semi-erect cock. Next came a smile that played across he lips and a sparkle that twinkled in her brown eyes and eventually became a meaningful, lustful, intense stare.

I stood for a moment, not wanting to look her in the face, eyes darting southward towards a pair of cute, firm, oiled, tanned and inviting breasts. Then further down to tiny bikini bottoms that left nothing to my imagination.

This was doing nothing to reduce my erection.

“I was trying to put on my … I was swimming you see …” I explained clumsily.

“I see. ” She said rolling onto her side and staring at my cock. “You really ought to wash the sand off that before it gets somewhere it shouldn’t. The sand I mean.”

She stood up and led me down to the water, my cock waving in front of me.

“Kneel down” She instructed when we were knee-deep. So we both knelt in the warm shallow sea while she poured water over my shoulders and arms from cupped hands. When I was free from the ground fragments of a million coral polyps she slipped her hand under the water and grasped my cock. I felt the foreskin being pulled back and the current wash it clean. Her fingers cupped my balls, rolling them gently.

I reached out and pulled the tie of her halter-neck bikini, uncovering her breasts. The nipples were dark and erect, begging to be squeezed, who am I to refuse … she bit her bottom lip and let out a gleeful squeak as I pinched the succulent buds.

She raised an eyebrow and nodded towards the beach and her waiting towel. Words were an unnecessary complication at this point.

Now with a stiff hard cock pointing skyward I followed her tanned ass from the water to her towel. She knelt and fell forward onto all fours. I dropped with my knees between her legs, my cock slapping hard onto right cheek. She laughed “That feels heavy.”

I pulled the bikini down to mid-thigh and pushed my cock down to level with her snatch, it was wet, but parting it with my glans revealed a sweater, slicker wetness that eased my entry into her flaming core.

Her hands grabbed the towel for purchase and with each stroke we became increasingly unstable on the shifting sand. She fell to her elboes, pushing her ass more prominently towards me, emphasising its curve and as it happened increasing the stimulation to her already wet pussy so that she began to moan and tremble.

I could feel her becoming tighter, muscles gripping me until there was only one outcome; A huge outpouring burst forth, cum filled her and with every stroke of my cock, every movement of my hips I disgorged more hot, viscous cum into her. I growled and grabbed her waist, fingers leaving red and white marks in her sides.

We lay together for a while a sweating sated pile of limbs and lust, smelling of suntan oil and just waiting for our next swim in the ocean to wash the evidence of our copulation away so we could return to her apartment and start it over again.