Dressing For Sex

By | February 9, 2011

Ass In ChainsGo on hold your hand up if you’ve ever done it.  Can you see mine waving around in the air up there?  Lol  I can remember the first naughty little outfit I bought for my boyfriend at the time to see me in.

It was a little pink teddy suit with ribbon ties up the front and trimmed with very itchy lace around the edges.  At the time it seemed like the most kinky but classy outfit I could find to tease my fella.  And despite what the feminists may say, I did enjoy dressing up for sex.  I wasn’t just doing it to excite my bloke, it also made me feel good to know how tantalising I looked.

So yes it may not by today’s standards have been as good as something from Victoria’s Secret but it made me feel just as good.

I was reminded of this little vignette of my sex life whilst looking through old Tanya Hyde reviews we’ve done.  So, in keeping with this weeks Tanya Hyde theme I give you Dressing For Sex, a naughty little number but I’m sure you will enjoy it.  😉