Panties, What Panties!

By | May 23, 2008

We have all been rushed off our feet this week at work and barely had time to speak to each other let alone exchange naughtiness. 😉 Horny attended a refresher first aid course this morning and came back telling us that there had been a couple of nice guys doing the training.

She said she did the CPR and left a lipstick circle around the dummies mouth. I giggled and she said “I can’t go out without a bit of lippy. I had to give her a good wipe after I finished with her”. Well, that tickled Busty and me and we nearly wet ourselves with laughter. Horny has a habit of coming out with amusing things without realising what she said.

Horny then remarked how the dummy had reminded her of the Real Doll she had seen on the program the other night and said she was finding it hard to keep a straight face. Then she said “And do you know they had one of those dolls on that had boobs and a dick”, she remarked becoming quieter towards the end of the sentence.

Busty admitted that she had seen them too. Suze then jumps in with her size 15’s and says “Oh, you mean a ladyboy”. They both laughed and nodded their heads, I then finished off by saying “I think they are known as shemales”. “She knows all about it”, retorted Horny. I thought it was a good time to be silent, too much information and knowledge may lead to suspicion.

There I go again wondering if they may guess that I write adult posts. Lol

The rest of the morning passed quite uneventfully, typical Thursday morning, that was until Horny stood up and walked round her desk to go to the toilet.

I had one of those double take moments not quite believing what I saw. There was something pale blue making it’s escape from her left trouser leg. It was hanging just below the hemline and on to the top of her foot.

“What’s that”, I called out pointing to her foot. She looked down and then said “Oh shit! It’s my pants”. Busty, Horny and I all fell about with laughter as she retrieved a skimpy pair of panties from the bottom of her trousers.

“I took these trousers off the other day and threw them over the chair in my bedroom and forgot all about my pants being inside them”, Horny revealed.

“Bloody hell! It’s a good job this didn’t happen while you were on that course this morning”, I added and once again we all cracked up again.