Music To Fuck To

By | February 11, 2011

What music makes you horny?

Does it have to be a particular type of music, or is it the association?

For me I think it’s the association on the whole, with one exception which I’ll return to later.

There is of course romantic music, but that doesn’t count. That’s for gooey, pink frilly romance novels. I’m talking about the sort of music that gets you thinking about sex. Is it the slow and seductive kind, an undulating melody and slow beat that wraps itself around you and draws you in?

Or perhaps you like a hard rockin’ anthem. The sort of thing that carries you off has its way with you behind the speaker stack at the side of the stage then leaves you back, watching the band with your knickers round your knees and the smell of larger in your hair.

Classical is always a possibility, not obvious but compelling if you want to hide behind your metaphorical fan while the overture introduces you to a prospective lover in the box next to you. Then feel aroused by a wall of orchestral sound that makes your bosom heave and you whalebone snap at the thought of what that very proper gentleman will do to you when he’s in an improper mood.

As I said, for me it’s mainly the association with a time, or a place or an event. Though pretty much anything that came out during my puberty is appealing; Perhaps because like all men I did little else but think about girls at that stage of my life. Nothing much changes.

And the exception? Tribal drumming. I don’t mean the ridiculous set pieces that occurred in 1930s Tarzan style movies, you know the Cecil B Demille style trash. I mean the real deal, instinctive, earthy, powerful, pounding. The sort that hits you in the stomach, not the ears. The sort of deep almost infrasound that takes your gut and twists it until your heart races, your eyes widen and you feel like you want to howl like a wolf.

No? Just me then …